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Pioneers of Wilbur County

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Do you have ancestors from Germaine? Or perhaps you just want to know more about the descendants of the pioneer. This is your link.

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The central source of Germaine and Wilbur knowledge.

Wilbur County Online

Everything you want to know about present day Wilbur County. Sponsored by the Germaine, Oregon Chamber of Congress

Books and Authors

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Local authors make it big

Local authors, Patricia J McLean and Duane Poncy have success in the city with their new historical novel, Ghosts of Saint-Pierre.

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Lucy Reviews Books

Events at the Library

Keep up on the goings-on at your library. Something exciting happening every week.

Welcome to the County Library!

Your Wilbur County library and Historical Society has everything you need to know about Germaine and Wilbur County.

Located at 64 Main Street in Germaine, Oregon.
Head Librarian: Lucy Charlebois LaPlante.
Assistant: Sheherazade Budreau

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New Books at the Library

Broken Egg

Someone Must Eat the Broken Egg

by Shirley Knott. Siblings and birth order. Read our review.

The Vampire's Daughter

A novel by Bella LeStat. Bonded by blood. Read the review.