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Applegate, Faith Chastity

Faith Applegate was born in Germaine, Oregon at the beginning of the Great Depression to Timothy Applegate and Celia Bradford. An accomplished musician and vocalist, she graduated from Old Paiute High School in the class of 1948, and attended music school at the University of Oregon.

Charles Sevigny Lafontaine

In 1948, Faith Applegate gave birth to a daughter, Rochelle, fathered by Charles Sevigny LaFontaine, a black man who was subsequently murdered by town bigots.

Faith Chastity Applegate

  • Birthplace: Germaine, Oregon
  • Parents: Timothy Applegate and Cecelia Maria Bradford
  • Partner: Charles Sevigny LaFontaine
  • Children: Rochelle LaFontaine
  • Achievement: 1948, Old Paiute High School; 1972, University of Oregon, Music Education; 1948, Award of Accomplishment in Music; 1972, Honors in Music, UofO

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