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Festivals of Sweetland

The seasonal festivals celebrated in the Communities are Primavera, Verano, Otaño, and Invierno. Mid-season celebrations include Blossom Week, First Harvest, Gathering Week, Hearth Week.

Festival of Primavera (spring equinox)

A 3-day Festival Month (see Sweetland Calendar). AKA Festival of New Life. The equinox falls on Primavera 3.

Blossom Week

Mid-spring celebration is the third week of Segundœmés.

Festival of Verano (summer solstice)

A Festival Month. AKA Midsummer Festival.

First Harvest

Celebration of first summer harvest.

Festival of Otaño (autumn equinox)

A Festival Month. AKA Harvest Festival

Gathering Week

Celebration of mid-fall

Festival of Invierno (winter solstice)

A Festival Month. AKA Two Moons Festival

Hearth Week

Mid-winter celebration.


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