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Temple of New Life

The Temple of New life has its origins on Earth as an RPG.

Worlds where practiced:

Earth and Torzucan – aka Sweetland

Main Characters in the novels

Melissa Monroe, Sister Luz, Sister Korinna, Brother Kareem, Sister Magda,


The Temple was created to guide immigrants to Sweetland. It rapidly transformed into a gnostic-like hierarchy with orders of Brothers and Sisters and Acolytes, although it claims social equality for all.

Origin story

This religion began on Earth as an RPG, but quickly spread

Beliefs & Teachings:

A religion of Science, consisting of a conglomeration of Myths from multiple Earth religions as interpreted through gnosticism. Truth will be revealed when the veil of ignorance and denial is lifted, and humanity will be elevated to the stars.

Places of worship

In Temples, both in the real world and the cyber world.

Also Known as The Temple.


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