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The Convergence

The Convergence of a Thousand Worlds was the name given to the planets of the Memories by early explorers over ten millennia ago (as measured by the the rotation of the dead planet Ertfiil around its sun – the Convergence standard year) after the Time of Forgetting, when the ancient technology of the Memories was lost to common knowledge. The name has been shortened to the Convergence by current day citizens from the original hyperbolic title. 

The Convergence is an alliance of six primary intelligent (related) species, spread out for hundreds of millennium over the galaxies of their home universe via the Memories, a “highway” system built by a much older species, now gone and forgotten. Now, there are sixty-three settled worlds in the Convergence, and nearly 200 more unexplored worlds connected by the Memories.


Parliament: The Convergence is a confederacy of the sixty-three settled planets of the Memories. It’s parliament consists of two representatives from each planet, plus a representative of each of the six primary cultures.

Additionally, there is a single representative for the Outer Alliance, and for various trade, ethnic, and minority groups. In total, there are 149 members. Each planet or planetary group is free to choose their own form of government, as long as it represents its citizens equally and respects universal rights.

The Authority is the prime executive authority, with several ministries that deal with mediation, health, and free travel.

The Judicature consist of four tribunals:

  • Tribunal of Universal Rights – criminal conduct affecting the rights of citizens across interplanetary boundaries
  • Tribunal of Mediation – civil interplanetary disputes among cultural and planetary organizations
  • Tribunal of Honor – breaches in the Code of Civil Authority
  • The Supreme Tribunal

 Major Political Factions

  • Moderationists: The centrists of the Convergence.
  • Federationists: Strong central government to further rights.
  • Guardians: Radical conservatives, exclusionary, protective.
  • Mutualists: Encourage new cultures to rejuvenate.
  • Autonomists: Increased autonomy for periphreal worlds.
  • Children of Ertfiil: Aristocratic elitists.

The Six Old Cultures

  • Anjhari – people of nar Anjhar and Laas
  • Ysal – people of Moornal and Yaanaan
  • Omi – people of Cyz, Ryzan, and Keefnaz
  • Pe’wan’skiili – people of Mahdiil and Gurmahdiil
  • Tongrari – people of Tongra and Barrash
  • Qrei – people of Nazqrei, Rixqrei, and Sundqrei

Shared Mythology

According to myth, all the related species derive from the dead Origin Planet, Ertfiil, although it is so far in the past, before the Time of Forgetting, that no one really knows the truth of its existance. The mythologies also tell of diverse origins for many of the inhabitants of the outer worlds, although, due to the assimilating technology of the Memories, the actual cultural and DNA origins of these people are shrouded in mystery.


The Memories and the paths between the worlds was re-discovered 10,000 years ago after the Time of Forgetting.


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