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Upper Settlements

One of six administrative regions of the Communities of Sweetland, the Upper Settlements are situated along the Muddy Red River in the southernmost foothills of the Communities.

Communities of the Upper Settlements

  • Deepwater, pop ~6700
  • Red Sky, pop ~4500
  • Echota, pop ~3700
  • Meadow Springs, pop 270
  • Sorel, pop 136
  • Riverbend, pop 127
  • Chanson, pop 98
  • Pilgrimage, pop 80
  • Evo, pop 53
  • 9 more with population <50


All of the settlement are situated at the edge of the Great Forest near the Muddy Red. The areas to the west are largely unexplored. The coastal hills to the East contain several of the smallest settlements, including Evo, Geronimo, Utopia, and Peaceful Valley.


Agrarian pursuits, such as farming, food production, and related technology, comprise the largest sector of the economy of the Upper Settlements.


The largest university in the region is Sweetland Institute in Deepwater, with emphasis on science, technology, and the arts.

Echota University is the second largest institution, with nearly 1000 students. It has strong programs in Archeology, Ecology, and Earth Studies.


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