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20 May 1845: Grandma and Grandpa Charlebois

I have not written yet about Grandma and Grandpa. Neither of them speak very much English, and I have not known them for very long. They came out to Missouri from Vermont with Uncle Luke about a year ago, I think. Mama says I met them a long time ago when I was a baby, when they came down to Virginia to visit, but I don’t remember it.

Grandma has taught me a little bit of French, and I practice it with her when she is riding in our wagon. She usually has Josephine with her, because Josephine is only two years old, and needs a lot of care. Grandma does a lot of the cooking. She says that it gives her a break from Josephine.

Grandpa does not get on well with Papa. He says, “Your Papa is ob-steen-ay.” I think that means he is stubborn. The truth is Papa does not get along well with anyone, although he seems to be striking up a friendship with Mr. Pembrook.

We traveled 8 miles. Uncle Luke says it will get easier when we go across the plains.