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7 May 1845: Our journey to Oregon begins!

This the first thing I’ve written in my new diary Papa bought me.

Everyone is very excited. Our journey to Oregon begins today!

We have been preparing to leave for almost two months now. Papa says we shall leave tomorrow, if Uncle Luke and Aunt Marie have finished packing their wagon. Papa rolls his eyes and harumphs every time he mentions this, which is quite often. Mama scolds Papa. She says Uncle Luke and Aunt Marie have only been here for a few weeks, and they have to help Grandpa get ready too.

Papa mumbled something about the French. I didn’t hear what he said, but Mama gave him a look I’d never seen before.

Aunt Marie said that there would be about twenty wagons leaving with us, and that we would meet with the main wagon train up on the Missouri.

I can’t wait until we leave, even though it was so sad when my new friend Sally came to say bon voyage, and I had to cry. 

Auntie says that we will probably meet real Indians when we go up the Missouri River, because that’s where they live and we will have to ask to go through their home. I met some Indians once in Virginia, before we came out here. But they weren’t wild Indians. They lived in a log cabin, just like everybody else. 

Anyway, I know its going to be a great adventure, even though Mama says she is nervous about it.

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