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21 May 1845: Some Salt Pork is Missing

Some salt pork went missing from Mr. Pembrook’s wagon this morning. Papa immediately said that it was the Indians. “Thieving, no-good savages,” are his precise words. I think that the Pembrooks, being new to our little family, didn’t know who to trust. Mr. Pembrook looked funny at Liam, and at Will, too, and he was snooping around widow McCoy’s wagon. Papa and I saw him trying to look inside when no one was around. Mr. Pembrook said, “You can’t trust wild, unsupervised boys like that. They’re always up to no good.”

Papa said, “Charles, you can’t go turning on your own. Not out here. Besides, I’ve had experience with these savages. They have no respect for private property.” 

I don’t know what experience Papa was talking about, but the whole Van Bibber family in Virginia thinks like Papa. A horrible incident happened to them back in Point Pleasant, which I shall not mention just yet.

Uncle Luke said that there is another company of wagons a day or two ahead of us, and that we should try to join up with them because there is safety in numbers.

We traveled 7 miles today.