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10 May 1845: The Second Day

It is the evening of our second day, and we have arrived at the main camp. I couldn’t believe that there are so many wagons in the whole world. Uncle Luke says more than 100 prairie schooners, and other wagons, are here, and some are yet to arrive. The adults must meet and talk about things like food and who is in charge of what, who can fix broken wagons, and things like that. It is almost like a small town, only most of us don’t really know each other yet. Uncle Luke says that the talking will take about a week before we can leave.

Some men got into a fight our very first night. Mama, who is already nervous, just hid in the wagon.

Our small group decided before we left Independence that we would stick together, and help each other out when we needed.

Mr. Meek, who is our guide and captain, came around and assured us that everything would be alright. But the whole thing is a bit scary when you think about it. 

image=’Our Wagon’

This is our wagon. It’s not a very good drawing.