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The Germaine Truth: 2004-10-31

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The Germaine Truth — Sunday, November 31, 2004


Hope Fades and Winks Out

FBI: Arlingtons not likely to be alive

by Jody Hopper
“We’ll keep the yellow ribbon around the quaking aspen, but it don’t look like they’re coming home,” Shu Arlington, son of Susannah and Albert Arlington, said as he stood outside the Sheriff’s office early this morning. He thanked Sheriff Sweet for all he has done in keeping the family notified of the progress of the search.

 The search has ended. Agent Todd and his team have been called to Alabama to join a manhunt to find three bank robbers who escaped from the state penitentiary in that state. We have been told there is little hope if any that the Arlingtons are still alive. “We haven’t closed the case,” Agent Todd said in his last phone call to Sheriff Sweet.”We’re just not expecting to find them. The time comes when you have to move on.”

Jody Hopper is our police and courthouse reporter.

The Arlingtons will be in Our Hearts

Our prayers go out for the family

by Howard Applegate
Photo of the Arlingtons.Although law enforcement has ended the search for our neighbors and friends, the Arlingtons, we need to remember that their fate is still unknown. All being said, though, we must continue with our lives. There is little point in continually rehashing this incident until it leads to acrimony and fisticuffs. Some of the opinions being expressed in our letters to the editors should be rethought. This is Germaine, a town united by a vision of progress and harmony! Instead of spreading conspiracy theories and wild speculation, how about thinking of the family that is left behind, and what we can do to ease their pain. Peace.

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Re Lucille Charlebois-LaPlante’s opinion nonsense and the health board’s pathetic response. I am appalled and dismayed. Are you not contemplating commerce wth the devil here? Cubans, in case you have forgotten the Bay of Pigs, are COMMUNISTS! United States Citizens are forbidden to trade with Cuba. There is a reason for that. We’ve got to halt the spread of COMMUNISIM. Have you no love for your country? For Democracy? Next you’ll suggest we ask Osama Bin Laden for advice on how to halt the spread of terrorism. May God have mercy on your souls. Geena McCoy Rawlins

Dear Editor,
How come all we ever hear about is where are the Arlingtons? What happened to that Garcia woman who was staying in the room? Where did she go? Was she abducted or did she just run off and how hard would it be to find her? It’s not like she’s hiding out in my garage. – Troy Johnson

Dear Editor,
I’m sorry about the Arlingtons and all, but we’ve got to get back to business in this town. I’ve got a five year-old boy with asthma. When are we going to get that clinic that Lucy Charlebois had the County Board of Health all fired up about a few months back? It takes me an hour to drive to the nearest hospital and that is just not good enough. I’m afraid I’ll have to move away from Germaine if something doesn’t change soon. Even one doctor, or a nurse practitioner would be an improvement. – Bonnie Sellers

To the So-Called Editor:
Come on Howard, what, are we all idiots? Don’t you people know a cover-up when you see one? The damned Homeland Security and FBI and our own Sheriff Sweet are in cahoots on this one. I wouldn’t be surprized if that fancy farm they’re building down there at the county line, where they will create God knows what monster plants, has something to do with the disappearance of Sue and Al. And what are they mining for on the WM-YJ? Gold? Do you seriously think they’ve found the Blue Bucket Mine? I drove past the so-called mine a couple days ago and there is a chain-link fence with razor wire all the way around it. I saw rottweilers running loose behind that fence. How in the Hell did they get it up so fast? Something scary is going on in our backyard, my friends.  – Willie Walkingstick

Madam Zorro   The Stars Over Germaine

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