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The Germaine Truth: 2006-04-30

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The Germaine Truth — Sunday, 30 April 2006


Will Bird Flu Disrupt the Fall Fowl Fest?

by Howard Applegate

According to folks who study the migration patterns of wild birds, we have about six months to a year before a deadly strain of avian flu begins to strike domestic fowl. Health experts are asking people to keep their birds indoors to avoid infection from the droppings of the migratory flocks. For many reasons, we can be relatively sure this will be an unsatisfactory solution.

For instance, several local farmers who raise so-called “free-range” eggs and chemical-free chickens, claim that such a move will hurt their businesses, forcing them to treat their livestock in a manner inconsistent with their values. They point out, correctly, that avian flu is the result of massive factory farming practices, which they are attempting to change.

While we have always applauded the ethics of the organic movement, a major player in local agriculture, we would like to point out the seriousness of this situation to the future of Germaine. We believe most of these farmers will eventually realize the necessity of reigning in their birds freedom in order to avoid catastrophe.

We would like to encourage those who only own a show bird or two to take this crisis to heart also. The future of poultry and egg farming in Central Oregon may be jeopardized, as well as the Fall Fowl Fest, an important community tradition.

Our Primary Election Picks

by Howard Applegate

For the first time in recent memory, the Germaine City Council has a contested race. Running this year are incumbent Angela Arratola, whose position is uncontested. Battling for the open seat are Shawn Hedrick, Geena McCoy Rawlins and Willie Walkingstick. 

The seats held by Council Members Andrew Childers and Patricia Lundgren are not up for election this year, nor is the office of Mayor Kevin McCoy.

The three-way race has been very interesting so far, and should no one receive an absolute majority, there will be a runoff in the fall.

All of the candidates are from good Germaine families, and we applaud their stepping up to the civic plate. We wish that there were enough seats for all of them to serve, but since there is only one, we pick local businessman, Shawn Hedrick, owner of Hedrick’s Haberdashery. Hedrick is a solid citizen who will work for the interests of all Germainers. He has given generously of himself to a variety of civic causes, and has served on the City Budget Committee and the Wilbur County School Board. 

Geena Rawlins, while an outspoken and enthusiastic volunteer for her church, has no experience in public service. We believe that her heart is in the right place, but Hedrick is miles ahead in leadership ability.

Likewise, Walkingstick, obviously passionate about his views, has shown little ability to work inside the system. We have to give him credit for persistance in attempting to change things from the street, but his abrasive style may only end up causing conflict on the Council.

Susie’s Minority Report

A Dissenting View

by Susie Applegate

 Okay, Dad, gloves off. First, you point out that Germaine seldom has a contest for City Council, without mentioning that often no one is running at all. In fact, most years, some poor citizen has to be cajoled and prodded to even obtain enough for a quorum.

 Now that we have a real race, your concern is that two of the contestants don’t have the “leadership qualities” it takes for this suddenly, highly-evolved office. How about broadening your criteria a little by addressing other issues. Such as development and land planning, for one.

 The Council currently has two pro-development members, whose names I have no need to mention. It’s no secret that Shawn Hedrick owns about two hundred acres of land just outside the city limits. He has been trying to get this property zoned into Germaine since I can remember.

 That’s a pretty strong conflict of interest, in my view. And it bodes ill for Germaine, and all that we’ve tried to accomplish in the last decade.

 Willie Walkingstick may be “passionate” and “abrasive,” to use your adjectives, but he is also a man who loves his community, and who could help to make it better. It might be a learning experience for both the town, and for Willie.

 I will vote for Willie Walkingstick.

Letters to the Editor

Not Surprises

I remember Charles LaFontaine as though it were yesterday. It was such an exciting time for Germaine to have such a talented musician in our town. He played that saxophone like it was the air he breathed. And those times when Faith Applegate would sing with Charley playing at the church or grange hall, it was magic. But some of those boys were really jealous. I could see the embers in their eyes. Doesn’t surprise me one bit.

Arlene Charlebois

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