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The Germaine Truth: 2006-11-26

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The Germaine Truth — Sunday, 26 November, 2006


  • I Will be Mayor for All Germaine
  • Walkingstick Plans to Call in FBI
  • Madam Zorro

I will be a Mayor for all Germaine

Says New Mayor, Willie Walkingstick


Walkingstick plans to call in F.B.I

in LaFontaine investigation

by Susie Applegate

In spite of a surprise City Council vote against new Mayor Willie Walkingstick’s motion to call in the F.B.I. on the LaFontaine investigation, Walkingstick says he plans to go over their heads.

“Sheriff Sweet is stonewalling this investigation,” says Walkingstick, “and I am shocked that the rest of the Council can’t see it. But I have a right, as a private citizen, to request a civil rights investigation. I plan to do that.”

Walkingstick has long claimed that the sheriff has been dragging his feet. Sheriff Sweet had no comment, but fellow Council member Angie Arratola said, “Willie’s heart is in the right place, but the Council does not feel that we can spare anymore resources on a fifty year old murder investigation.”

Former Mayor Kevin McCoy, however, was not so kind. “Walkingstick has a hair up his ass about Sheriff Sweet. This is a ridiculous waste of time.”

Walkingstick wasn’t fazed by the criticism. “This case is about the very soul of Germaine. Is the mayor saying that saving our soul is a waste of time? It’s time to jump in the creek, and wash ourselves clean of this thing.

Madam Zorro   The Stars Over Germaine for December

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